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  • Readathon

    10th August 2018

    Our annual Readathon in June was a great success.  This year we read the classic comic novel Three Men in a Boat.  Money is still coming in but we have again raised several hundred pounds to help the Stag! ...

  • New Year, New Committee

    23rd January 2017

    The Friends of the Stag start the year with a new committee.  Roger Walshe has taken over as chair from Rose Bates, who has stood down after many years of exceptional contribution.  We are still recruiting for additional members of the committee; in particular for a Vice Chair and...

  • AGM Nominations

    13th September 2016

    Friends of the Stag Annual General Meeting 17 September 2016 18.15 in the Plaza Suite Nominations for membership of the Friends of the Stag Committee closed on 7 September. The following nominations have been received:  Chair            Roger Walshe  ...

  • FoS Discounts Updated

    FoS Discounts Updated

    21st July 2016

    Our website has been updated with discounts on offer to members for events at the Stag until the end of December. Book early to avoid disappointment! ...

  • Forthcoming fund-raising events

    Forthcoming fund-raising events

    8th March 2016

    We have two, very different, fund-raising events coming up.  March 20th, Stag Plaza - 3pm to ~ 5pm The first is to celebrate the International Day of Happiness (I know, we didn't realise there was one, but couldn't resist celebrating it when we found out). Kent Police Band, who are ever...

  • AGM + Quiz + Curry = A Great Evening!

    AGM + Quiz + Curry = A Great Evening!

    10th October 2015

    Our AGM was held today, just before our final fund-raising event of the year, and we had plenty of reason to celebrate!  Our financial year (to 31/3/15) saw a record number of members, which in turn brought record subscription income and we donated a considerable amount for sound equipment...

  • AGM, 5050 Club Winners & Quiz and Curry

    AGM, 5050 Club Winners & Quiz and Curry

    3rd October 2015

    What a busy time this is!! Our Boot Fair has just happened (and very successful it was too), David & Vanessa Witchell have just been drawn as our October 5050 Club winners - just like they were last October - winning £7.50, and our AGM followed by our Quiz and Curry night fast approaching.  ...

  • Boot Fair Approaches & Latest 5050 Club Winners

    Boot Fair Approaches & Latest 5050 Club Winners

    5th September 2015

    Our popular Boot Fair is being held on 12th September in the Plaza Suite, so whatever the weather we know it will be dry! As ever, refreshments will be available too. All proceeds will go to boost our funds. Entry just 50p on the door. Our latest 5050 Club winners are Alan & Debbie Davie who won...

  • Worth the wait!

    Worth the wait!

    6th August 2015

    Sybil Gadd has been a member of our 5050 Club right from the start, and was our very first winner - then she won again just two months later. A bit of a longer wait for her 3rd win but this month Sybil has struck lucky again and wins £7. ...

  • July's 5050 Winner

    July's 5050 Winner

    8th July 2015

    July's 5050 Winner is Barbara Hine, who becomes our seventeenth winner. Her prize this month is £7.50. You could be a winner too by joining our exclusive 5050 Club, open only to FoS members. ...

  • Summer is Coming!

    Summer is Coming!

    6th June 2015

    Yes - and with it Sevenoaks' very own summer festival! There are so many shows and events to choose from with many of them being held at the Stag. See our discounts section for information about which shows offer Friends of Stag member discounts. Our 5050 Club winners in June are Chris &...

  • Our Latest 5050 Club Winners

    Our Latest 5050 Club Winners

    9th April 2015

    April's winners of our 5050 Club were Ray & Chris Cullern, who this month won £9. Every month a winner is drawn from entries to our 5050 Club, exclusive to our members. Just £12 per entry entitles you to be entered into the draw every month for 12 consecutive months - not a member yet? Go on - why...

  • Another month - another film and another winner!

    Another month - another film and another winner!

    4th March 2015

    March sees another Classic film and tea at the Lodge - see our Events for details. Our 5050 Club draw also saw 1st time winners in Alan & Debbie Davies. Congratulations to them - they won £9.50 this month, and still have 11 more chances to win again! ...

  • 3rd Time Lucky!

    3rd Time Lucky!

    2nd February 2015

    Yes, for our February winners of the 5050 Club monthly draw it was their 3rd win since the draw started! This month they scooped £9 to add to their previous winnings. Congratulations to Charles & Judy Hebert.  You have to be in it to win it, so if you are not yet a member of our 5050 Club,...

  • Classic Film Club at The Stag

    Classic Film Club at The Stag

    17th January 2015

    Lodge Coffee Shop have started a new Classic Film Club. As the name suggests, a classic film will be shown and you can enjoy an optional tea afterwards. The full price of the event is £12 (film & tea) or £8 (film only). Friends of Stag members can buy tickets at 15% discount. See the relevant...

  • New Year brings a win for .......

    New Year brings a win for .......

    5th January 2015

    ......Melanie Divall. Melanie won our 5050 Club draw in January, this time winning £8.50 - I say "this time" as Melanie has won before - a lucky lady! The amount won so far by 5050 Club members is £212 - if you aren't yet a member, why not join now? ...

  • What a good start to Christmas!

    What a good start to Christmas!

    14th December 2014

    The Kent Police Band came to the Stag and entertained us with a very varied and seasonal concert. Well, I say that they entertained us - but my goodness, they made the audience work too! So many of those who came said how much they had enjoyed the concert though........and I don't think that was...

  • December's 5050 Club Winners are....

    December's 5050 Club Winners are....

    1st December 2014

    ......Charles & Judy Hebert! This month their winnings are £8.50; who will our first winners of 2015 be? ...

  • They've Won Again !

    They've Won Again !

    12th November 2014

    Chris and Margaret Holgate are our lucky winners again this month, winning £9.50. Who will be our winners in December? Could it be you? ...

  • Latest 5050 Club winners

    Latest 5050 Club winners

    8th October 2014

    The latest winners in our exclusive 5050 Club draw are Alison Claridge (£6.50), this being her second consecutive win, Chris & Margaret Holgate (£9) and David & Vanessa Witchell (£9).  ...

  • July's 5050 Club Winner

    July's 5050 Club Winner

    2nd July 2014

    This month's lucky 5050 Club winner is Alison Claridge, who wins £6.50, and of course Alison still has the chance to win again!  If you want to win though, you have to enter - which you can do for just £12, which enters you into 12 consecutive monthly draws. ...

  • Another winner!

    Another winner!

    4th June 2014

    Our 5050 Club draw for June has produced another winner! Ray Cullern is the recipient of a prize of £7.50. The more people who enter, the bigger the prize, so if you haven't yet joined why not do that now? ...

  • 5050 Club May Winner

    5050 Club May Winner

    2nd May 2014

    Our winner this month is another lucky two time winner! Jean & Paul Barsby's entry has won the prize this month of £15. Congratulations to them. ...

  • 5050 Club April Winner

    5050 Club April Winner

    7th April 2014

    Our lucky winner in the 11th 5050 Club draw was Melanie Divall, who won £14.50.  ...

  • Stag Launches "Selected Events"

    Stag Launches "Selected Events"

    26th March 2014

    Classic films and live broadcasts come to the Stag!! Download the full brochure here and book your tickets directly with the Stag. ...

  • Another winner in our 5050 Club draw

    Another winner in our 5050 Club draw

    4th March 2014

    We have another new winner in our 5050 Club draw, and the prize money has increased again! This month our winner is Iain Wishart, who won £14 - congratulations to Iain.  ...

  • 5050 Club and another winner!

    5050 Club and another winner!

    4th February 2014

    Our second draw of 2014 sees another member winning this month's prize, now standing at £13 with 26 entries being in the draw. Congratulations to Anthea Parkin. You could be a winner too, £12 buys an entry into the draw for 12 consecutive months. Each month half of the entry money goes to the...

  • Two winners to start 2014

    Two winners to start 2014

    8th January 2014

    Our Prize Draw winner, winning a fantastic £100, is John Lurcook who went to our Gala show to celebrate Stag’s 30th anniversary and dropped his ticket into our Prize Draw box – that’s all he had to do! Our 5050 Club winner this month is Sue Cockett who wins £12.50.  ...

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